Is this hair regrowth serum effective?

Most users report positive results with the product, and some even report better results than expected. A user's decision to buy a future pack is the best endorsement of the product's efficacy. As long as there are hair follicles left, the formulation will activate hair growth. This product may not work on parts of the scalp where there are no hair follicles left. The truth of the matter is that no solution in the world will work for everyone, and a small percentage of people will inevitably fail to see results.

When should you begin? Can I start using the hair regrowth serum now?

Starting now is a great idea. Your scalp ages six times faster than the rest of your body and skin. Hair that is thinning and dormant can be reactivated with this formulation. Hair regrowth may not be possible for completely bald areas of the scalp. You may benefit from the serum if you still have hair follicles. Still not sure? Contact us at if you would like our specialists to evaluate your scalp conditions to see if WishCare hair growth serum will be of benefit to you.

When will I start seeing results?

The best hair growth serum will show results within 3 to 6 months of daily application - Once daily. It is possible for results to differ from person to person.

Is minoxidil present in this serum?

Our hair regrowth serum does not contain minoxidil. Our serum contains 3% Redensyl®, 4% Anagain® & 2% Baicapil, which outperform minoxidil in terms of hair growth.

What is the best way to use hair regrowth serum? When should I apply?

With our pump packaging, apply a generous amount directly to the area of hair loss. With fingertips, massage the scalp. Leave it overnight. For best results, use it once daily.

You can apply the hair regrowth serum once daily before going to bed. Using the pump packaging, apply it directly to the scalp in areas of hair loss, thinning, and loss of density. It will be great to follow up with a gentle massage.

What are the side effects, usually products like Minoxidil have a very long list?

With WishCare Hair Growth Serum Concentrate, there are no practical side effects like there are with Minoxidil. In the event that you stopped using the serum, your scalp and hair would only gradually return to the state they were in prior to starting the regimen. As long as you are experiencing positive results, we would recommend continuing to use the best hair serum for hair growth.