How do eyebrow growth serums work?

As long as the one you choose contains the right types of active ingredients (see our previous point), they can work by both helping to promote new growth and help strengthen the existing hairs to prevent natural shedding or breakage. The big caveat? You need to use eyebrow serum regularly and be patient in order to see results, as it can take months.

Can you use eyelash growth serum on eyebrows?

As brow and lash serums do contain many of the same ingredients. (Hence why there are so many products created as two-in-ones.) Plus, if you’re using one that’s dedicated to lashes, you know it’s going to be gentle enough to use on places other than the eye area.

How to apply lash serums?

Our nourishing eyelash growth serum comes with an easy to use brush applicator wand, perfect to coat your lashes and brows in this powerful lash serum.

Is eyebrow growth serums safe to use, and for how long should I use?

WishCare eyebrow & eyelash growth serum is made using 100% natural ingredients. Get those long lashes you've always wanted with our Lash Serum. Loaded with naturally derived, vegan and paraben free ingredients, our nutritious, highly conditioning eyelash serum activates dormant and inert hair roots to improve the length, thickness and strength of sparse-looking lashes and brows. It hydrates, moisturizes and strengthens each individual hair to promote growth and beautifully conditioned lashes and brows.