Why is Aloe Vera Gel better:

You have hundreds of choices of Aloe Vera Gel in the market - so why choose WishCare only?
We will tell you why :)

Is the product suitable for my skin?

WishCare Aloe Vera Gel is 99.5% Natural and extremely safe to use. A product that your skin will love. It is suitable for all types of skin types, in all weather conditions.

Where is the product manufactured and sourced from?
WishCare Aloe Vera Gel is freshly extracted from the Aloe Vera farms of Jodhpur. After multiple product trials, we have chosen the best quality of ALoe Vera to produce our product, fit for you.  

Does it contain Vitamin E?
WishCare Aloe Vera Gel is enriched with Vitamin E which acts as a natural preservative, and increasing its effectiveness in providing your skin and hair nourishment. Vitamin E has long been famous for healthy young looking skin and hair.

Does it contain any artificial colour?

No artificial colors. The Crystal clear transparent colour of our product shines through and speaks for itself!

What is the packaging like? Is it easy to use?

Don't worry about sharing your product or cleaning your hands before using this product, the easy to use pump packaging makes it a perfect family product, and takes away the need to put your fingers in the jar