Once you have finished and consumed all the goodness inside your WishCare purchase, feel free to reach out to us so that we collect the empty WishCare containers and recycle! We know you have always wanted to go the green way, and here's how we can help you do that .
Just follow the steps given below, and celebrate the satisfaction of #SupportingSustainability with some perks too (☺)

Goodness Multiplied!

Yes! Returning Empties helps you earning more goodness from WishCare.
For each Empty container returned, gain WishCare shopping credits worth Rs. 50/-  that you can avail on your next purchase on www.mywishcare.com
Recycling made easier than you think, because You Wish, We Care

Request a Free Pickup

Fill out our empties form with your details

To keep the carbon footprint under check, we need you to send only once you have 4 empties or more.

Clean and Pack

Clean the WishCare empties and pack it safely in a box. You can also use the WishCare order box for this.
Handover the box to the pickup representative.

Enjoy the WishCare Rewards

Once we receive your WishCare empties, we will process your reward (Shopping credits worth Rs. 50/- for each WishCare empty) in next 10 days.