We spent over 15 months in the research and development of this Certified Sunscreen for skin. We have been focused on creating a product that removes any excuse or reason for not applying sunscreen every single day, and this one does all that and more. This is a truly game-changing product - weightless, oily skin-friendly, and totally invisible sunscreen for skin tones of all types, but also ingredient-safe (there are no harmful ingredients and no hormone-disrupting chemicals, hence Oxybenzone and OMC Free). Even though we are all aware that applying sunscreen is essential, we tend to avoid it because it is greasy, smells foul, and feels heavy.

We wanted to create the best sunscreen for oily skin that you wouldn't mind wearing every day, something that feels light and invisible, still doing its job of high protection. We took it to another level and included blue light protection because as much as we try, we still live on our phones and laptops. This is a next-generation sunscreen and a true labour of love for us. I can't wait to hear what you think about the WishCare Invisible Gel Sunscreen which is the best spf50 sunscreen for face.