Fermented Rice Hair Oil - Strength & Growth Formula - 200ml - With Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Vit E Oil & Rosemary OIl

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The nutrient-rich hair oil is  infused with Fermented Rice Oil, Argan Oil, Fermented Coconut Oil, Vit E Oil, GreenTea Oil & Rosemary Oil helps to provide strength and growth to your damaged hair.


Strength & Growth Formula 

WishCare Fermented Rice Hair Oil is made through fermentation process enriching the nutrient for faster absorption on scalp, making this oil a non-greasy and effective This oil will provide strength and shine to your hair enhancing growth of the oil. 

Benefits of Fermented Rice Hair Oil 

Suitable for Men & Women of All Ages and All Hair Type

Benefits of Fermented Rice Hair Oil


This Oil is made from fermentation process of natural cold pressed and pure oils to provide you with complete hair care solution.

Rice Oil, Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Vit E Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, Rosemary Oil, Lavender Oil, Olive Oil, Sesame Oil, Green Tea Oil

How to Use

3 Easy Steps to Use this Oil

Customer Reviews

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Well Purchase

I would have gave this product 5 starst, I love this product and it�s helping my hair grow well. Well purchases again

Hair Nutrition

I've heard about the benefits of rice water, so I opted for rice oil. My hair is softener, and I can see new growth. I have only been using about 2 weeks too.

Wonderful Product

I have been using vitamin fermented rice oil oil under my eyes for fine lines and wrinkles. I should have been using this all along. After a week of using a small amount of this product under my eyes and on my lips, I can tell a marked difference in the hydration of my skin, causing a decrease in the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles. It also is a wonderful oils.


I love how light it is. The color and the smell also insured that it is organic. I can already see more shine and growth in my kinky-curly hair.

Reduse hair fall

Using it for scalp massage in night before walking off next morning. Noticed remarkable reduction in hair fall from 2nd use. Hope it stays that way.

It Works Very Well

Our son used to have really dry scalp. After using Organic Oil and massaging his scalp for 15 min, we found that his scalp stayed moisturized and the dandruff stopped almost immediately only in 4 wash. You can definitely tell how well the product works.

Pure Rice Oil

I used on my face and feel smooth, and its make my hair smooth, like it

Really Good

The shipping was on time and when I got the oil I used it in my hair overnight and it made my hair so soft I just used it on my scalp and let me tell you it may not look so but it sure does feel soft. Thanks you wishcare for this wonderful product.

Best Hair Oil

My hair fell out badly. I tried so many natural products as I didn't want any non organic products in my hair. this is the best one I've ever used. My hair rarely falls out anymore and I've noticed it's grown. I used it twice a week and left it overnight. If not possible put it on and wash of in a couple of hrs or so. I was actually hesitant to write this review because I thought, after this message there might be a high demand and it will be difficult to get but can't help it. This product has helped this me so much. Thank you so much


I have use this product for hair growth and recovery of hair loss and thicker hair, I have been using it now for a couple of weeks and I feel and see improvement in my hair, it's work for me�I'm very pleased and happy with the results so far... I would recommend this with out think it two..

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