Hair Serum Vs. Hair Oil: Everything You Need To Know

Wondering whether switching your everyday hair oil with hair serum is a good idea? Think again! You might be confused between the two or think of them as the same, hence find no differences between them. But the truth is hair serum and hair oil is completely different.

 In this article, we will explain in detail whether hair serum or hair oil is better for you.

Hair serum vs. hair oil

Hair serum is primarily used as a protective layer on your hair. They usually have a liquid-based formula, whereas oils have more of an oil-based formula.

Hair serum can be used for various purposes like styling your hair, adding some extra gloss and shine, smoothen your hair after a hair blow session, adding some extra texture, softening your hair strands, and even protecting against frizz.

 A hair oil, on the other hand, has other purposes. It is essentially used to nourish your hair from within as well as to condition it. With regular use, hair oil can also grow your hair, strengthen it, and reverse hair damage. Hence, we can now understand that hair oil and hair serum isn’t exactly the same.

Benefits of hair serum

Primarily used for styling purposes, a hair serum has many benefits. Overall, it helps to make your hair more manageable. It is basically like a superficial coating on the surface of your hair, and unlike hair oils, serums do not go into your hair roots to work their part. Hair serums are best for those days when you’re in a hurry to go outside, but your hair is in the worst state.

Just take a few drops of serum, apply to your hair, comb it, and you’re ready to go out with some extra sparkle. It can instantly transform your whole look and make your hair very pretty.

Benefits of hair oil

Applying oil to your hair is beneficial for a number of reasons. From nourishing your hair right from the roots to the tips, hair oil can give you the much-needed nutrients essential for hair growth. Regular oiling is also known to strengthen your hair, and it can also help manage frizz to a large extent.

Traditionally, Indian households used to prefer homemade hair oils to get the purest oils with 100% natural ingredients. However, as people have become busier with their lives, most of them no longer find so much time to prepare these oils. So they go for oil products in the market, which is usually full of chemicals that make the oil last longer than homemade oils.

However, it is important to understand that to get the benefits of hair oil truly, the hair oil needs to be organic.

Chemical-loaded hair products often contain ingredients like parabens and sulfates that really worsen the condition of your hair and even cause premature greying that most men and women are afraid of. This is why we recommend only natural hair oils, especially like the ones from WishCare.

WishCare has an extensive collection of hair oils ranging from Fermented Rice Water hair oil to onion hair oil. The fermented rice water hair kit is one of its kind and the first rice water hair product to be introduced in India. It has many magical properties that work to revitalize your hair and help nourish the damaged strands.

Another amazing hair oil from WishCare is the Kalonji Black Onion Seed Oil. With anti-inflammatory properties and anti-oxidant nutrients, the ingredients in this hair oil can really work to strengthen your hair. WishCare’s Red Onion Hair oil is just as good and is best for protection against intense hair fall. The onion extracts also promote healthy hair growth.

WishCare products also feature cold-pressed Coconut oil, a staple in Indian households since a long time ago. Coconut oil has numerous benefits for your entire body and has been used as natural hair oil for more than hundreds of years.


If you’re confused about whether you should buy a hair serum or hair oil, then buy both since both have different purposes to serve. Pick the product that best suits your hair needs.

If you have normal healthy hair and just want to style your hair in various ways, it is best to use a hair serum. However, suppose your hair issues are deeper and involve hair damage, hair fall, etc. In that case, it is recommended that you go for a hair oil that will best meet your hair damage issues.

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