How To Care For Oily Skin

Nobody likes oily skin. We know you want your face to look flawless and fresh at all times, but with oily skin, you just can't help it... and it's not just the appearance. Oily skin causes your acne to develop further and even clogs your pores. If you think having natural oils on your face is a good idea, it never ends well.


So, if you are looking for some handy tips on how you can tackle oily skin? Here's your oily skin routine tips.  


1.     Wash your face regularly


Develop a habit of washing your face twice a day with a foaming cleanser. This will keep the excess oil at bay and make your skin look fresh and healthy. When choosing products for your oily skincare, make sure that you only choose oil-free products. It is a quick reminder that you shouldn't overdo it by washing your face more than two times a day or using harsh products like soaps. A mild cleanser like WishCare's Neem Tea Tree Face Wash is more than enough. It is gentle on your skin and is specifically formulated for oil and acne control. It is also free of sulfates and extremely safe on your skin.


2.     Apply toner


Like in any CTM (cleanse, tone, moisturize) routine, the next step in your daily care routine for oily skin is applying a gentle toner. A toner can instantly brighten and freshen your dull-looking skin. For oily skin, it's best to use an alcohol-free toner as it will keep your skin hydrated throughout.


The Steam Distilled Kannauj Rose Water from WishCare can work wonders on your skin. It effectively tightens your pores and is good for oily and acne-prone skin. The best part is that it has an alcohol-free formula.


3.     Apply moisturizer


Just because you have oily skin doesn't mean that you should skip on your moisturizer. Oily skin or not, following the CTM routine is a must for everyone who wants healthy and glowing skin. When exposed to harmful pollutants and UV rays, you are likely to end up losing the moisture barrier on your skin. This can cause the moisture levels to go down while the oil production increases. Thus, you need to make sure that you don't forget to moisturize your skin properly. Aloe vera gel is one of the best and natural moisturizers that combat oily skin effectively. The Pure Aloe Vera Gel from WishCare is also enriched with Vitamin E to make your skin healthy.


4.     Don't forget to exfoliate every once in a while


Using a scrub every once a week or once every two weeks is extremely beneficial. Especially for oily skin, it gets rid of the dead skin cells on your face and makes it better, brighter, and glowing. For oily skin, look for a scrub that will also eliminate excess oil along with the dirt and dead cells.


5.     Try glycerine


Glycerin is a great solution for your oily skin troubles. Glycerine contains humectants that lock in the moisture on your skin without making it greasy. If you suffer from acne due to oily skin, then glycerine is the best to soothe your skin as it has anti-inflammatory properties. For a natural and 100% Vegan glycerin, try out the Pure & Unscented Vegetable Glycerine from WishCare. But make sure that you don't use glycerine directly. Dilute it with water, or you can mix glycerine and rose water together and then apply it to your skin as a toner


6.     Use serums

Serums are a great way to combat oily skin. The Moroccan Argan oil from WishCare can be used as an effective serum as well as a body oil. Not only is it nourishing for the skin, but it is also anti-aging and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


7.    Makeup tips

You can stop wearing too much makeup, as this would only make your condition worse. Avoid using foundation, and always use a primer before adding some form of makeup.


You may also use oil-free, water-based makeup and set it with a setting powder.


Remember to clean your makeup equipment regularly. Oil, dust, dirt, and other impurities will collect on your brushes and other makeup tools over time, and these will be transferred to your skin. Thus, cleaning is important.




Final Thoughts


Let's face it, oily skin care is not an easy routine. It is a continuous process that will only yield good results if you are consistent at it. Although oily skin can be managed to some extent, it becomes more difficult to control if the cause is genetic. In that case, it's better to be extra careful and avoid fast food, processed foods, sugary foods, fried and fatty foods.


For your overall skincare, you can buy PureGlow Face Wash and Face Serum from Wishcare. It is highly rich in Vitamin C, Retinol, turmeric, hyaluronic acid, oranges, berries, and niacinamide, giving you younger, brighter, glowing skin.



We hope the above-mentioned skincare tips for oily skin are useful and will help you in dealing with oily skin like a pro.

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