Must-Have Personal Care Products For Summer

Most people have a love-hate relationship with Summer. Although it is difficult not to enjoy the vacations and comfort that summer offers, the scorching heat will make you wish summer was over as soon as possible. But don't worry, we've got you covered. Listed below are few must-have personal care products in summer.


 1. Hydrating Cleanser 


Your cleanser should be able to do more than just remove impurities. It should be able to hydrate the skin while still not drying it out. That is why you should try WishCare's Neem Tea Tree face wash. The face wash contains neem and tea tree extracts, which help cleanse your skin, remove excess oil and impurities, combat acne, and deeply hydrate your skin.

Neem has anti-bacterial properties that are gentle on the skin and can dissolve even the most abrasive dirt and dust accumulated on the skin. As a result, you can achieve beautiful, breathing, and flawless skin with just one simple wash.


2. Vitamin C serum


Wondering what a vitamin C serum can do for you? Well, let me explain. Sunburn and sun damage during summers is inevitable. Even if you use sunscreen, hats, and other protective clothing, you can still be exposed to the sun. Free radicals are generated as a result of sun damage.

When applied to your body or skin, a vitamin C serum slows the rate of free radical damage and keeps your skin looking young. Combining your Vitamin C serum with your sunscreen will do wonders for your skin, not only in the summer but all year. Try WishCare's pure glow serum, high in vitamin C, and exfoliates the skin with hyaluronic acid and retinol.


3. Toner


We know it's obvious, but we'll say it again because it's essential. Summers are hot and humid. The heat is unavoidable. Sunburns are terrifying. That's why you need a calming toner to soothe your burnt skin and keep it fresh during the day. Choose WishCare's Kannauj Rose Water. It is completely natural and pure, and you can use it as a toner, cleanser, or face mist in addition to a toner.


4.  Light moisturizer


Winter certainly calls for a rich body butter that you can massage into your skin. Summer, on the other hand, calls for lightweight moisturizers that feel like silk on your skin. And we suggest the WishCare pure Aloe Vera gel, which is filled with Vitamin E and contains deeply moisturizing properties that leave your skin baby soft. In addition to brightening the face, aloe vera gel has a calming effect on the skin. So, with this super cool moisturizer, say no to skin damage and yes to selfies in the sun.


5. Under-eye cream


Summer can be rough on your under-eye area, particularly if you forget to apply sunscreen. Suppose you are actively outside during the summer. In that case, it is difficult to cover all parts of your body, including your eyes. You cannot simply cover your eyes to shield yourself from sun damage. The problem is aggravated if you have dark circles or puffy eye bags. Fortunately, we have a product recommendation for you.

WishCare's under eye cream contains ingredients such as vitamin C, coffee, hyaluronic acid, and almond milk, which act as an excellent moisturizer for your under-eye area while also combating dark circles, fine lines, flaky skin, and puffiness.


6. Rice water shampoo


With all the precautions you're taking to protect your face and skin, don't forget about your hair, which is more specifically exposed to sun damage. Long periods of sun exposure and heat will make your scalp dirty and your hair thin and brittle. 

But now, you can say goodbye to damaged hair thanks to WishCare's Rice Water shampoo, which is also the first rice water shampoo launched in India. This shampoo's active ingredient is fermented rice water, which works like magic on your hair to restore and nourish it from the inside.


Final Thoughts


We hope the above list of skincare products for summer helps you take care of your hair, body, and skin. Last but not least, do use sunscreen throughout the season. Sunscreen is important whether you are indoors or outdoors. And not only for your face but for every part of your body.

 Finally, try using less makeup and more water-based products. This will keep your skin looking new and radiant in the hot weather. Also, do not go to bed without first removing your makeup. Follow these easy tips and say hello to flawless skin and hair that will make everyone jealous.

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