Top Haircare Myths You Must Stop Believing

Many hair care myths have been passed on from grandmothers to mothers to daughters. Without rethinking, you make bad hair choices for your beautiful locks which only give you the opposite of what you would have expected. 

If you are trapped in a dilemma after hearing and knowing so many hair care myths floating everywhere. Put your worries aside, we won't let you give up on your dreams of having healthy and lustrous hair. From hair facts and myths, we have extracted the right hair care knowledge for you.

haircare myths


  • Conditioner is not important after every wash
  • Applying a mask daily instead of a conditioner makes hair more supple.
  • You need to change your hair care products frequently
  • Hair texture can never change
  • Hair grows faster on a regular trimming
  • Having dandruff means having a dry scalp


1. Myth - Conditioner is not important after every wash

The most common hair myth that you might believe or hear is that conditioners weigh down your hair. It is also assumed that if you have a silky hair texture, you do not need to condition your hair.


You should be knowing that conditioning after shampoo makes your hair frizz-free, soft, and well-nourished. Shampoos contain surfactants that rip off natural scalp and hair oils while cleansing dirt, impurities, and dead debris. 

Conditioners do not only lend moisturizing effects to your hair strands but also help in protecting the hair strands by building a protective layer around them.


2. Applying a mask daily instead of a conditioner makes hair more supple.

The myth that you might believe or hear is that a hair mask is a replacement for a hair conditioner.


Each mask has its properties, but it should only be applied once a week, like a hair treatment. Conditioner is the best daily way to detangle hair and leave it manageable, silky and shiny.

hair mask vs hair conditioner

3. You need to change your hair care products frequently

Are you also in the habit of changing your hair care products every month so that your hair does not get used to the product?  Most of us believe that it is important to change the hair care products before our hair get used to them.


Contrary to popular belief, hair care products that are formulated using natural ingredients and bioactive compounds act gradually to show expected results. You can continue to use your hair care products for a longer time if they are free of strong ingredients such as sulphates and silicones etc.

WishCare offers a wide range of Hair Care Products that are paraben, sulphate and silicone free. These Products are 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free.

hair products

4. Hair texture can never change

This is a very big myth about hair that you can't change and improve your hair texture. Whether your hair is smooth, straight, or wavy, you can change it anytime during your lifetime. It depends a lot on the way you treat and care for them.


However, genetics plays a very important role in determining your hair type but the texture and colour of your hair also depend upon various other factors. Factors that affect hair texture include your hair care habits, harsh weather conditions, chemical hair treatments,  hair styling, etc.

hair texture

5. Hair grows faster on a regular trimming

This is another hair care myth that you need to stop believing. Hair growth occurs at the roots of your hair, not at the end of your hair. Trimming does not have any direct effect on your hair growth.


Still, regular trims are a good thing that makes your hair more manageable and less prone to breakage, this ultimately leads to healthy and strong hair. When you cut or trim your hair regularly, it prevents split ends, removes frizziness, and makes your tangle-free.

hair growth

6. Having dandruff means having a dry scalp

It is a very big misconception that dandruff occurs only on dry scalp. You must know that dandruff has more chances to appear on an oily scalp.


When you have an oily scalp, a fungus called Malassezia globosa is considered the main cause of dandruff. This fungus feeds on excess scalp sebum and oils which leads to scalp inflammation along with yellow and oily flakes. Additionally, instead of regular shampoos, you should opt for only anti-dandruff shampoos and anti-dandruff lotions to get rid of dandruff and soothe your scalp.

dry scalp and dandruff

To Conclude!

Happiness is having a good hair day—but having good hair doesn’t come easy. While you may be keen on getting healthy, shiny, and long tresses, you need to be ready to put in that much effort.

Hair challenges come in the form of dryness, dullness, breakage, frizz, thinning can make it more prone to damage. You can work towards achieving healthy hair by understanding your hair type, its problems, and the right solutions.

fermented rice water shampoo

Try Wishcare Fermented Rice Water Hair Care Range for Healthy and Strong Hair!

Follow the tips recommended above, make it a routine, and the results of it will be visible to you—in the form of healthy, shiny hair. Love is in the hair so make these little tweaks to your hair care routine and get effortless hair.

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