Easy Skincare Tips for Working Women

Skincare routine: Busy schedule? No time for Skincare? There can be many hurdles that a working woman has to face. Lack of time is the biggest of them all. Here is the best skincare routine that a working woman can follow for healthy and glowing skin.

skincare routine

Cleanse your face 2 times a day

It is advisable to wash your face with a mild face wash, as it helps to get rid of the dirt and impurities on the skin. Working professionals especially women should wash their faces two times a day as this activity helps to keep your skin clear and glowing.

Here are the two suggestions for Face Wash as per your Skin type/concern.

For Acne Prone Skin- WishCare’s TeaTree Neem Face Wash

For Dull Skin: WishCare’s Pure Glow Face Wash

Both these facewashes are foamy in texture resulting in a mild effect on your skin.

 washing face

Exfoliate Your Skin

For people who are always out due to professional commitments or have long driving hours, exfoliating the skin every other day is very critical. Exposure to polluted air and other external factors may lead to the accumulation of dirt and dead skin cells on the face. Always remember to exfoliate your skin with a scrub so that all the dirt impurities are removed and you have healthy and glowing skin. 

Please Note: It is recommended to not exfoliate your skin Daily, as it can have an adverse effect on your skin, as it will make your skin dry. You can exfoliate a maximum of 3 times a week.



Selecting the right moisturizer is an important measure towards maintaining healthy, supple and hydrated skin. It is advisable to apply a moisturizer both in the morning as well as at night so that it keeps your face and skin healthy and does not leave your skin parched or dry.

Regular application of a moisturizer based on your skin type can help you to keep your skin hydrated, supple and smooth. Before applying your foundation or sunscreen to the office, it's very important and mandatory to moisturize your face first.

If you have dull skin use WishCare’s Pure Glow Face Cream for brighter and healthier skin.

applying cream

Use Face Serum

Face serums are considered to protect your skin and give it the nourishment it requires, using a face serum can give your skin the edge it needs. Serums, with their light preparations, are often better for individuals with acne-prone or oily skin types. 

face serum

Whereas, Serums with ingredients like vitamin C, green tea, retinol, rosehip, oats, berries, and sea algae, help prevent oxidative damage from ultraviolet (UV) light and pollution, which can lead to premature skin ageing and wrinkles

Try WishCare’s Pure Glow Face Serum, and Advanced Niacinamide Serum for Glowing and Clear Skin Respectively.

Night Cream

Night creams play an important role in your daily skincare routine. It is highly recommended for working women. One of the main advantages of a night cream is that it helps to repair your skin cells, thus giving you healthy and glowing skin in the morning. It is essential to apply a night cream so that the damaged skin cells can be repaired overnight.

night cream

WishCare’s Advanced Repair Night Cream is your best partner as it will, Renew, Repair and Restore our skin overnight. So you can enjoy your sleep with extra benefits for your skin.

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