5 Anti-Ageing Myths and Truths

Today there are also many new treatments for anti-aging that can smoothen and tighten your skin or add volume to skin muscle and reduce wrinkles.But before you spend half your salary on a tiny jar of anti-ageing cream, you should know more about how and why your skin ages. 

For instance, as you age, your skin does naturally change due to bone loss and loose skin, and other factors like exposure to the sun and smoking also make skin look older. In fact, the majority of skin signs of ageing are from photodamage or damage from the sun.


Here are 5 Anti-Aging Myths that needs to be busted!

Myth: The Expensive a Product, the Better the Results

Truth: It's not necessarily the cost of the skincare product that determines its effectiveness — it's what's in it. Like natural ingredients, base ingredients, etc. What's more, it's not necessarily expensive, as the cost of it depends on the specific product and its base.

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Myth: Anti-Aging Products Always Irritate Skin

Truth: Have you been afraid to try an anti-ageing skincare product because you're afraid it will make your skin red, irritated, or flaky? There is some truth to this, but that doesn't mean that you can't reduce wrinkles to look younger. Most of the anti-ageing products are exfoliating, so there is a little peeling but most topical anti-ageing creams are tolerable if you start slowly and acclimate. 

Also, ingredients that are used in these products also play a major role in how they will react in your skin. Natural anti-inflammatory ingredients like oats, sea algae and rosehip oil can make these products non-irritating. 

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Myth: Once You See Improvement, You Can Stop Using Anti-Aging Products

Truth: Once you've gotten the results you want — to look younger and reduce wrinkles — you may think you can ditch your products and just enjoy that glow. But you may need to continue using your anti-ageing skincare products after you see results in order to maintain them. 

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Myth: Someday, You Can Stop Wearing Sunscreen

Truth: People used to think that most sun damages were done before age 18, but this is a myth. A lot of sun damage occurs as we get older and spend more time outdoors — golfing, gardening, and more. You need to wear sunscreen every day. So don't use age or the fact that you already have a little bit of sun damage or a few wrinkles as an excuse, and don't just rely on anti-ageing skincare products. Keep skin youthful — and protect against skin cancer — by wearing sunscreen at every age.

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Myth: The More Products You Use, the Better

Truth: There's a common belief that if a little bit is good, more must be better. But when it comes to anti-ageing skincare products, that isn't necessarily the case. There are diminishing returns at higher doses, meaning that more product doesn't translate to more improvement in your skin. In fact, there's an increased risk of irritation that you should be concerned about, so don't overdo it on any anti-ageing skincare product.

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